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Upcoming and Recent Events

Jan 6, 2017 My collection of Plasma cut Drum Lights, and possibly a new work featuring a novel new LED sculpture technique, will be appearing at Bhody for Santa Cruz's for First Friday art walk.
Oct 12-15, 2016 My collection of Plasma-Cut Drum Lights, and a special new large-scale LED installation, appeared at the Autumn Lights Festival at The Gardens at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

Sept 24th, 2016

BOTH the Horseless Carriage 2.0 and When Dove's Fry, AND plasma-cut drum lights depicting the Cheshire Cat, will be appearing at Ann and Mark's Art Party (aka San Jose Art Party).
July 16th, 2016 My collection of Plasm-Cut Drum Lights appeared at GlowCon in San Fransciso.

Cast Foundry Items Horseless Carriage cruzin for a snoozin all terrain tiki bar when dove's fry And other miscellany

Plasma-Cut 55-Gallon Drum Lights

Decorative LED lights have been created by cutting various designs into up-cycled salvage 55gallon drums and backlit with color-changing LEDs. Some are lit indirect, others direct with textured polycarbonate diffusers. So far I have favored natural themes as juxtaposition to the industrial media.

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Flos Aliena: New Work shown at the Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland, Oct 2016

In a dramatic show of panspermia, alien seeds ride into the Earth’s atmosphere aboard a meteor. They survive and are awakened from their galactic aeon of dormancy by the heat of entry. It was designed for this journey, much like the cones of Lodgepole Pines and Giant Sequoias that not only survive, but also are opened by forest fires. Now, this alien seed has germinated…

Flos Aliena stands 22 feet tall and is comprised of six 22-foot spires, each containing 50 addressable LEDss Below is my idea for a large light sculpture at the Autumn Lights Festival at Lake Merritt this October. It's comprised of 6 or more light spires, each 22 feet tall and strung with 50 addressable LEDs, pulsating and rippling in a synchronized pattern. At the bottom will be the flower from witch these pistils and stigma spring.



Artist Bio:

I have been building a wide variety of creations and contraptions over the past decade, from Art Cars and Fire Art to giant all-terrain amphibious “bicycles” called Kinetic Sculpture Racers. I have shown my work at Burning Man, The Maker Faire, the SF Exploratorium, other various festivals around CA - and even had a piece housed at the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard. I also have castings from my home foundry featured in the book  “The Jewelry of Burning Man.” Presently I am favoring working with LEDs and salvaged 55-gallon drums. I always have something new up my sleeve.

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