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Upcoming and Recent Events

July 16th, 2016 My collection of Plasm-Cut Drum Lights appeared at GlowCon in San Fransciso.
Sept 24th, 2016 BOTH the Horseless Carriage 2.0 and When Dove's Fry, AND plasma-cut drum lights depicting the Cheshire Cat, will be appearing at Ann and Mark's Art Party (aka San Jose Art Party).
Oct 12-15, 2016 My collection of Plasma-Cut Drum Lights, and a special new large-scale LED installation, will be appearing at the Autumn Lights Festival at The Gardens at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

Plasma-Cut Drum Lights

A series of decorative LED lights made by cutting designs from scrap 55gallon drums

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New Work for the Autumn Lights Festival

Below is my idea for a large light sculpture at the Autumn Lights Festival at Lake Merritt this October. It's comprised of 6 or more light spires, each 22 feet tall and strung with 50 addressable LEDs, pulsating and rippling in a synchronized pattern. At the bottom will be the flower from witch these pistils and stigma spring.




Highlights of Various Past and Present Works and Projects

Basset Trophy

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