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Flos Aliena Drum Lights Foundry HC2
BedCar ATB DovesFry SandBike

This was my first Kinetic Sculpture Racer. It took about one year to get it ready as a 21-speed ground-only machine, at which point it went to Burning Man. I rigged up a modest-sized flame-thrower/tiki torch for the occasion.

Tiki at night Tiki Torch close-up fish eye fire ball

I later quickly rigged up some floatation and raced my first Kinetic Sculpture Race in Ventura several weeks after Burnning Man. It was a lot of fun, but it didn't work too well in the water!! I came back the next year with a re-engineered water system and eventually ACE'd Ventura and earned Ventura Grand Champion, and ACE'd Eureka and miraculously earned 3rd place speed (due to the misfortunes of others, I'm certain).

ATB on beach with Not Too Fast, Not Too Furious ATB with Man Eating Clam and Kinetic Chicken

ATB approaches Dead Man's Drop ATB in Morgan Slough