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Flos Aliena Drum Lights Foundry HC2
BedCar ATB DovesFry SandBike

One year at Burning Man I met a fellow who make a fixie bike with truck tires. With the square profile tires, turning was difficult. Since I was driving around on the All-Terrain Tiki Bar at the time, I natually thought to make a bicycle with round-profile ATV tires. Several years later, I did...

Sand Bike 1Sand Bike at Baker Beach 2

I whipped this together during a holiday break from some bike parts I had laying around. I gave it to the young girl next door who always has an interest in my projects and frequently is my 'test pilot.'

Kick Bike

This chopper and rear-drive trike with shopping basket were my first ever bike projects. The chopper was converted into the Ultimate Beach Cruizer, believe it or not.

Old Trike Old Trike